About Us

DNJC.org is an international ministry dedicated to spreading the Good News of Our Lord Jesus Christ by promoting the veneration of His relics and those of His saints.  We believe one of the best ways of doing this is making the relics available for public veneration and through the distribution of Third Class Relics, such as holy cards, at little to no charge. 

Since starting the ministry during season of Advent in 2018, we've distributed third class relics to dozens of countries and every continent but Antarctica. 

DNJC.org was blessed to receive several reliquaries pertaining to Our Lady of Fatima.  These reliquaries contained a piece of the holm-oak where Our Lady appeared and pieces of the clothing worn by Saints Jacinta and Francisco Marto.  Many of these reliquaries have been placed in churches, schools, and seminaries around the world for public veneration.

The Church teaches us that we are part of the communion of saints in the form of the church militant.  Through intercessory prayer and invocation we ask that the saints pray for us to God so that our own prayers to God may be more effective, that we may be brought closer to Christ and successful in our battles against sin.

Since the early days of the Church, relics have been revered.  Many of the Fathers of the Church, such as St Augustine of Hippo and St John Chrysostom, have attested to the miracles of healing and other great works that were granted by God through the veneration of the saints and their relics. 


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